Are you a lazy writer?

Today I stumbled across a post on Facebook, and it made me want to talk about this subject: Lazy writers, or cheaters, as they were in fact named in this post and whether these actually exist?

Pointing fingers at others

First of all, the post was extremely antagonistic towards writers who uses Grammarly. If you are not familiar with Grammarly, it is an app you can install on your computer, and it helps you correct your writing. It gives you suggestions for other words when it seems you have misspelled a word, or your grammar is wrong. But well, this Facebook post stated that writers who uses Grammar are lazy cheaters. Yes, that was what it said. I thought it was quite interesting, why you can think someone cheats at writing? I mean first of all; who are you cheating? It is not a competition, it is not a race – as a smart mental coach, I have worked with in the past, used to say: Focus on yourself and your goals – I think it is the same in writing. Dont compare, you can learn and get inspired and such from others, but dont mak it a competition.

Then second of all, lets say it is “cheating” but why is that such a bad thing, if it just helps you improve your writing? Grammarly, does not write great novels for you, that you can publish in your name, neither does Grammarly show up in the morning and do your work, so really lets chill, right?

I actually learned using Grammarly

Personally, I am trying really hard to improve my English, and Grammarly has been really helpful for me. Because it picks up on some of those mistakes, I didnt know I was making. Which for me is really helpfull, and then I remember to correct it myself afterward. I can’t see how this is cheating anyone, it is just a tool, and it is helpful for me. I agree with her point on, that it can be a good thing to use a dictionairy, but sometimes we make mistakes, which we dont know we make, and using a book form dictionairy, I dont think so easily will make us realize, what those mistakes are.

But back to the cheating thing…..

I want to talk more about this concept of cheating. Because the point here is that one writer is lashing out towards others, telling them “there is only one right way to do things, otherwise you are a cheater” – and we shoulnt behave like that! As writers we should embrace, that there are many different ways to write and produce text, and this is what makes us all unique. I dont see any point to why we need to point fingers at each other, this is not helping anyone. If this person, who made the Facebook post, believes Grammarly is not helpful, good for her, she should not use it, but why talk crap to others who are gladly using it? I dont understand that.

No one gains from this. I am a true believer in, that if we support each other, we can all grow, we can all get success! I think you can only cheat as a writer, if you are copying others, and pretending it is your own writing, that is not right. But otherwise, use all the tools you may find to improve yourself. Seek all the inspiration you want. Grow, learn and educate yourself!

Grammarly – the hero!

Talking about this also leads me to think about, how a tool like Grammarly can help people who struggles with spelling and grammar. Imagine you love to write, but you are not good at spelling. Grammarly can really help you, and maybe give you confidence to share more of your writings, because you are less afraid of “Grammar-police” coming after you. I really applaud those people who just keep writing, regardless the fact that they might struggle with spelling and grammar. So really no one should bash tools, that can help writers!

Thank you for reading this – I just needed to get this of my chest. But please, leave a comment and let me hear your thoughts on this!



17 thoughts on “Are you a lazy writer?

  1. Lazy writing.. I try to not post something just because. I rather skip a few days to write something honest and true. Lazy writing does not attract readers. Good post! Keep at it!

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  2. I use the free version of Grammarly and it helps a lot. I don’t know think it’s “cheating” at all. It amazes me how some people think. I had an old friend in high school (we’re not friends anymore) and she self-published a book because she wanted to “beat me” and do it first. She didn’t think I was ever going to get a book published so she did it to “prove I was wrong.” I still don’t have anything published, but I’m working on it because I realize it’s a lot of hard work and dedication. Plus, I’m still learning about the writing and published world. She wrote her novel in three weeks, no editing, and self-published it immediately. She didn’t market it at all because she didn’t know how to. Needless to say, her family and close friends bought the book and that’s it.
    Sorry, I rambled! But that’s my story of a lazy writer, lol.

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    1. Yes exactly take your time. It is not a competition, and it is sad that some people see it as one. Because that might just ruin their own work, as you described, if someone stresses to publish faster than others, instead of just taking the time it takes to publish something good!

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  3. If those using Grammarly and similar tools are lazy, does that make writers that use spell-checkers lazy? How about word processors? Should we go back to writing with ostrich quills by guttering candlelight? Or is that too lazy, too? Shall we all chip our words carefully into slabs of stone using hammer and chisel?

    Seriously: Grammarly is a tool, like any other. Anyone is free to use it, not use it, use it then discard it, or ignore it. To label someone a lazy cheat for using a tool is pointless.

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  4. I once worked somewhere that had Grammarly, and it drove me crazy. But, I’m never going to knock someone for using it! I am a horrible speller. I rely on the little red squiggles in Word to get by. They helped my spelling because I hated seeing them so much! So I can totally see how Grammarly would be super helpful in learning.
    I think lazy writing is when a writer uses GIFs instead of actually writing an article. I don’t see them too much any more, but for a while all I saw was blog entries and articles that were bulleted GIFS acting as explanations for points. THAT is lazy writing

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  5. Hey Caroline! You should become an affiliate for Grammarly if you aren’t already. You can earn 20 cents per sign up and more if they buy the pro option. (sign up via Shareasale — If you are already an affiliate, there wasn’t a working link included in the post 🙂
    Also, you should add images so I can share your post on social media!

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    1. Thank you so much for the advice! I didnt know they had an affiliate programme, I will for sure look into that! I am working on the layout for my blog, so I will definitely make changes to have pictures in my posts!


  6. I’m a good writer but I make grammatical errors! I thank the God for Grammarly because it catches some really silly mistakes of mine! I agree that, in a sense, each writer has their own unique way of producing the same outcome!

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    1. Exactly Dyana! I also make tons of mistakes, but for me writing is not always about perfection, but also about having fun with it!


  7. I have not used Grammarly. I think my hesitation to using it may be the basis for the author’s opinions. I don’t know, I haven’t read the article. My only experience with grammar checkers is Word. Word often makes grammar recommendations that I know are not grammar mistakes. My main character’s name is Will. Word mistakes “Will” for a capitalized “will” as in the helping verb. It has some other issues, too. So if the grammar checker gives me errors like this, if I didn’t really know my grammar, I would be tempted to fix everything it tells me, when, in fact, my grammar is fine.

    Additionally, grammar rules that a checker would pick up can be bent as an author. Fragments are okay if you use them right.

    Nothing beats actually knowing your grammar rules. That may be the point of the original poster.

    But as to actually using Grammarly? I don’t see anything wrong with it. It’s a tool. We live in a technology driven world. There’s nothing wrong with using all the tools at your disposal. The trick is making sure that the tool does not become a crutch, as with any tool.

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    1. T.L I agree, it is better to know the rules! But I like how Grammarly also picks up on typos. Sometimes I dont see my own typos, as I have been looking to much at my own writing. I like Grammarly as it works with Twitter, Facebook etc. so it is not only when I use Word. I think also it works better than Word, as I have somewhat the same struggle as you, when using Word! But regardless it is a personal choice, and doesnt qualify as cheating.


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