How to motivate yourself?

Me: Tomorrow I will get up at 6 am. and go for a long walk.

Also me: Wakes up at 7 am. stays in bed until 7.30. Decides it may rain and does not go for a walk.

Me: Tomorrow I will start my day by reading for at least one hour, to get inspired to write.

Also me: Spends two hours binging “The Office” on HBO.

Me: Tomorrow I will get my laundry done and take the trash out.

Also me: Decides there is not that much laundry to do, and the trash can wait….

Me: Tomorrow I will not drink soda. I will focus on being healthy and only drink water.

Also me: Drinking Cola at 11 am.

Me: Tomorrow I will start doing all those things I am not doing today

Also me: Probably that will not happen, but let me keep lying to myself, it makes me feel like I am almost doing those things.

Me: Make a funny blog post to feel better about yourself. Maybe you did not get up at 6 am. but at least you are funny and then who cares about morning walks?

Also me: Makes a blog post. Three people read it. No one laughs.

Me: You are hopeless damn it.

Also me: I am not hopeless I am just artsy and creative.

Can you relate? I do not know how you can motivate yourself – but remember: It is okay to be you! There is no perfect way to live life, you don’t have to be the person others portray themselves to be on Instagram!

*Sorry about the headline. I would feel bad if I weren’t so artsy and creative!



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