Me and “the office”- a workout dilemma

First of all, I want to apologize for the headline, but I really did not know, how to headline this post.

First, let me start with some facts: As a writer, you tend to NOT get too much exercise. This does not go very well with the fact (yes I am sure this is an actual fact), that writers tend to snack a lot while working. So according to science, and my mirror, this is not always a good combination for my body. And what does one do, when one finds out, it is time to shed some pounds? One turns to vegan-lifestyle and exercise.

Asf or As? I still don’t know but…..

I am not the type of person, who enjoys going to a gym. Because of many reasons. One being, that I have to be around actual people, and my prejudice mind tells me it will be very fit people taking tons of selfies. This environment does not seem to be right for me and my confidence, so I have to think of other ways, to get my booty moving. Luckily the internet got me on this one, as there are plenty of “work out at home” videos available on YouTube. First I started out by doing Yoga. I will be honest, it was boring asf (I’m trying to bring back this term “asf” as I heard Kumail Nanjiani ((if you don’t know who he is, look it up)) use it in an interview in a very funny way), but back to the yoga. It was boring and slow, and my cat kept interrupting, so after some days of stretching and breathing a lot I gave up Yoga (sorry everyone).

So now I’m back to what I call “boosting my booty” workouts. They include a lot of Yoga-like exercises, but also my kettlebell, and high pace music. So hopefully this will do me some good?

Friends ruined this for me

But this is still not without complications, this is where “the office” comes in. So across the street from my apartment, there is an office building. I have no idea if they can look into my windows, probably cause of reflections they cannot, but it feels as if they can. Actually, I often feel like they look at my weird behavior all day long, again probably they do not. But when it comes to my workout, especially the warm up phase, which includes a lot of jumping around, I am not very keen on having “the office” looking at me and my floaty booty moving around while Taylor Swift is singing in the background (obviously they cannot hear that, but again….). I think actually this stems from Friends (the tv series) and their character; “Ugly naked guy”. All though I am not naked, when doing my workouts, I just feel maybe I am “Ugly boring writer woman” to “the office”, ha, again they probably cannot see me but I still feel like I should not leave anything up to faith.

So I have basically two choices. Working out in my bathroom (it is big enough) or working out with my curtains closed, which makes the room dark and sad. I choose the curtains, which is kinda silly.

A few tips!

Now let’s get serious, because it is important to work out, so I want to give a few tips, especially for those of you who spend most of the day writing. This is pretty standard but good to keep in mind!

  • Think about what you eat and drink. Drink lots of water. I often put fresh lemons in my water, to make it tastier.
  • Take breaks of 15 minutes and move around. Do some stretches or exercises. This also gives you an energy boost, which is good for creativity.
  • Challenge yourself – make rules about your workout schedule.
  • Take long walks. They are good for your mind and also for your body.
  • If you, like me, do not like going to a gym, there is a lot of equipment you can get for using at home. Personally, I just have a kettlebell as it is now, but it is very useful for exercise
  • Love yourself and your body. I am not going for a specific body type. I just like to feel good with a lot of energy.

How do you keep yourself healthy as a writer? Leave a comment and inspire others!


15 thoughts on “Me and “the office”- a workout dilemma

  1. Love the post. Be kind to yourself. Accept yourself for where you are at in your journey. And if those people in the office are so inclined to watch you through their window who cares. Think less about anyone else and think more about is this making me better? healthier? happier? If the answer is YES than KEEP DOING IT!

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      1. Oh guaranteed it’s in your head. I used to be the same way with going to the gym and being embarrassed cause I was fat. I thought everyone was staring at me like I didn’t belong…. It was all in my head too. We’re our worst critics.

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      2. Exactly! So many things only exist in our heads, but keeps us from going places and doing things. It is kinda sad, but hard to snap out of!

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  2. I’ve been having the dilemma of trying to fit exercise into my schedule ever since I started with work, because I almost always get tired just from the commute going home. Just yesterday though, I was able to go for a long walk after work. It felt refreshing and I hope I get to be consistent, too. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be an intense workout; I have to be considerate with my body and its capacity, and I think taking a long walk is just fine for me. Maybe as I get used to it, I can add more rounds and walk faster as a way to increase the intensity.

    Thanks for sharing with us!

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    1. Anna Jo, long walks are great! I also enjoy taking long walks. As you mention they are very refreshing, and it is good way to enjoy the nature or city!


  3. I’ve been working out with a friend at 5:30 a.m. for the last two months doing the Sweat with Kayla app on my phone. She gives you workouts that gradually increase in difficulty the longer you are consistent. IT KICKS MY BUTT. I totally feel you on not loving the actual gym though… there is almost no one at our gym at 5:30a.m. except two senior gentlement who sip coffee and can look right into the side room my friend and I are using.. I wish they wouldn’t!

    Anyhow! Great work, thanks for sharing.

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    1. Oh wow, 5.30 am work outs – I want to applaud that! I would not be able to get up and work out that early every morning, but I wish I could! It is really well done that you can make it!


  4. Great advice! I am not much of a workout person, never been. But I do try to walk around 15000 steps daily, do 10-20 minutes of yoga and 10 minutes on my powerplate – and that works so far along with healthy and nourishing food of course.

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    1. The7inchwalker Hope it works out for you! Just give it a go, it gives you a lot of energy and will benefit your overall health in the long run!


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