So, I made a life plan!

First of all, sorry for the extended period of no blog posts – in case you were missing me, I am so sorry. I have had some problems with my internet connection, and it made blogging difficult, and so after that was fixed, I had a problem with me being a slob. But I guess, that is how life goes sometimes, right? (Let’s just pretend it is).

But anyhow, today, while actually being a lazy slob and watching random videos on YouTube, I realized something truly amazing. And what might that be? Well, I got to think about dreams, and how some people manage to make their dreams come true. Sidenote: All of the following is inspired by a woman living in a tiny house so she can travel the world. Those people are the one we admire, we look at them and think they are amazing, and they are, but you know what? At the end of the day, those people could be both you and me, so why aren’t they?  Probably there are many reasons, but first of all, to make a dream come true, you need to actually try and make it come true, and not just wander around in life and daydream about it. So I decided, that I want to be one of those people, for real. I want to be able to thank myself for taking those steps, putting in that effort and going to that place in life, where I want to be.

To be honest, I have no idea how to get to where I want to be. No idea. But that is not important right now because I started working on my plan. And that may sound basic and it is, but it is the first step. The first step is as important as the last one. I am not going to reveal right now, what my dream is, but I wrote it down. I made a real life handwritten journal, where I can brainstorm and set goals for myself. I really want to go for this, because I do not feel fulfilled where I am in life right now. I feel like there is a better life I can live, and it is right there for me to just go and live. I just need to figure out how to get there.

Realistically I give myself one year to make this happen. It includes my career, my personal life and also me changing location. So well, there was a spoiler, but so goes. I have never felt I was meant to live in this tiny yet happy country, marry some guy and have two kids (I think that is the average for people here, but whatever), I never felt that was for me. But it is hard to break free from society’s expectations. You get tired of trying to explain people, that this is not, what you want from life. I want more, I want something else.

But the first step is my so-called life plan, and it has given me loads of energy to make that, and just feel like I am actually being pro active in pursuing a dream. Let’s be clear, I have more than one dream, but I am trying to make this specific one come true. That is what dreams are for, right? To come true, and be just as amazing as in our heads. At least I hope so! Cause when I dream, I dream big!  Maybe, you also have some dreams to chase?

Thanks for reading my thoughts. I am so happy if you made it this far. Please leave a comment or a like, it makes me so happy, especially in these early stages of my blog.


7 thoughts on “So, I made a life plan!

  1. I love that feeling when you’re so excited about an idea that you have to write it down, think about it over and over again, and blog about it! I’m happy that you’re onto something that’ll make you happy. ❤

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    1. Thanks Whitney! I really think this helps me keep focused on my life goals. It becomes more real and easier to make an actual plan.


  2. YouTube has been such an inspiration to me. Writing aside, a lot of my goals come from the people I watch on YouTube. When it comes to following your dreams, you have to just do it and take that risk. 🙂

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